Life is a Journey of Learning and Transformation

We are a whole and parts at the present moment. In the timeline, our future self is a whole and our past selves are parts. It’s a karma from our past parts that we don’t have unlimited choices to choose but it’s a creativity (from a certain limitation) that we can freely figure out what […]

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Transformation in the Time of Crisis

What is Transformation? Why is it important in the time of crisis like Covid-19 pandemic? We can categorize human change into 2 groups, horizontal and vertical ones, transformation falls into the second category. Horizontal change refers to expanding our skills, knowledge, or experiences that requires us to learn to do something repeatedly. However, vertical change […]

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Welcome to My Personal Journey into the Unknown World after Covid-19

It’s been a long time I have written any blog since 2007. Fast forward 13 years later, here I am staying at home, writing this blog to share my personal journey of how I stay alive, survive, and thrive as a person in this planet with the Covid-19 disruption. It may be your thought friend […]

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