Coach Pongsathorn

Hi, everyone. Welcome to my blog that shares the ideas, knowledge and experiences I learned from self-coaching and from coaching others to grow psychologically and spiritually. For the past decade, I coach people in organizations to achieve their personal and professional goals by applying many tools and approaches such as Immunity to Change (I learn from Robert Kegan & Lisa Lahey), Enneagram (I learn from Russ Hudson), NeuroLeadership (I learn from NeuroLeadership Institute), Integral Life Practice (I learn from Ken Wilber and other Integral Teachers), Buddhist Mindfulness & Compassion Practice (I learn from Luangphor Pramote Pamojjo, Krisadawan Kalsang Dawa, and Tara Brach)

I’m an ICF coach based in Bangkok, Thailand and use the ICF Code of Ethics in my coaching profession.

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