Life is a Journey of Learning and Transformation

We are a whole and parts at the present moment. In the timeline, our future self is a whole and our past selves are parts. It’s a karma from our past parts that we don’t have unlimited choices to choose but it’s a creativity (from a certain limitation) that we can freely figure out what choices we can make to become our future whole. Life is simply a journey of learning and transformation. Lessons we learned from the past conditioned us to learn at the present moment.

In a moment of life, all parts are communicating together, the head, the heart, and the gut. The head says, “I need you to exercise.” The gut reacts, “If I get enough food, you’ll faint after exercise.” The heart says to them, “I can’t feel my value if both of you can’t agree.” Then life goes chaotic whether or not eating or exercising. The head may go out and find external motivations to win the game. The gut may drive the body to reach out for foods and beverages. The heart may hide away from the scene. Life goes on with the inner fight. Guess who win?

It’s a higher levels of consciousness that come to reconcile all the parts. We may call it “soul.” The soul get in touch with the head as it goes distracted with some news of Covid-19. The soul softly touch the gut and says, “there, there.” The soul calls for the heart to come back home. The soul points out the fact that his body is now overweighted and his mind is full of stress. The soul facilitates a dialogue among them, let their voices be heard, and find solutions together.

Here is the list of commitment they have for each other:

  1. The head will ask permission from the gut first, are you willing to go exercise with me? If not it may ask more, what do you want for now? what time is right for you to do exercise? The head also promises that it will do the same to the heart and will always listen deeply to them both.
  2. The heart will keep affirming the value of the head and thank the gut for taking care of the body. The heart also promises that it will be there with them.
  3. The gut will energize them with fun and joy for any activity they will do together. The gut also promises that it will help calm down the body.

Can you guess whose inner dialogue is this?

With mindfulness and compassion, we observe and connect our selves. We come home to ourselves. From this place, we learn, unlearn, and relearn. As we learn to let go of the illusion or invalid identity of some selves, a new sense of self emerges. Life is not static but a circulating flow of parts and whole. It’s a journey of learning and transformation.

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